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Detail The EZ-ZONE® GSD Editor software allows users to create custom general station description (GSD) files for configuring communications between EZ-ZONE products and other automation equipment supporting the PROFIBUS DP communications protocol.
Features & Benefits Enables configuration of DP-V0 (cyclic) communication between EZ-ZONE devices and a PROFIBUS DP master such as a programmable logic controller (PLC)
  Optimizes PLC memory use by allowing cyclical messages to be configured with desired data only
  Makes it easy for PROFIBUS DP users to use EZ-ZONE products in their applications
  Presents all the parameters found in supported EZ-ZONE device’s menus to maximizes flexibility when designing applications


Description Information
Description Software for creating PROFIBUS GSD files for EZ-ZONE products
Profiling No
Supported Controllers EZ-ZONE®controllers
Operating Requirements Windows® 8 and 7
TRU-TUNE®+ Adaptive Control No
Remote Limit Reset No