LabVIEW™ Driver

รายละเอียด This instrument driver for National Instruments’ LabVIEW™ software communicates with Watlow’s F4T controller, D4T data logger, and the EZ-ZONE suite of controller products via the standard bus communications protocol that is included with all of these products.
The LabVIEW™ instrument driver software package, created with LabVIEW™, simplifies development of applications such as test software. These instrument drivers include software functions called LabVIEW™ Virtual Instruments (VIs) that are used with LabVIEW™ to communicate with Watlow products.
The LabVIEW™ instrument driver software is available as a free download.
Features & Benefits Makes it easy for LabVIEW™ users to use Watlow products with their programs
Reduces cost by eliminating the need to purchase optional communications protocol
Features Initialize, Read, Write and Close Vls to speed development of LabVIEW™ applications
Includes a working example with detailed instructions to shorten the learning curve associated with applying a new instrument

Description Information
Description Virtual instruments (VIs)/driver to interface LabVIEW™ with EZ-ZONE products via Standard Bus
Profiling No
Supported Controllers F4T with INTUITION® controller, D4T with INTUITION® data logger, and EZ-ZONE controllers
Operating Requirements LabVIEW™ versions 8.6 and later
TRU-TUNE®+ Adaptive Control No
Remote Limit Reset No