WATCONNECT® Data Insights Package for L/XL Control Panels

Description The EHG® SL10 controller software allows the user to configure, monitor, log and chart data from Watlow’s EHG SL10 integrated multi-function controllers. The controller software provides an easy-to-use and centralized interface for multiple EHG SL10 controllers. This controller software gives the user the ability to change set points, label devices and much more all with the click of a key.
Download Instructions:

Use of EHG SL10 Software is subject to the end-user license agreement displayed upon installation.

To download the installation file:

  1. Click “Download Now”
  2. Save the installation file on your desktop.
  3. When the download is complete, close your browser and any other applications.
  4. Double-click the installation program and follow the on-screen instructions.
TRU-TUNE®+ Adaptive Control No
Description Software for configuring and monitoring EHG SL10 process controller
Operating Requirements Windows® XP Professional
Profiling No
Supported Controllers EHG® SL10