LMK 382H

LMK 382H ceramic sensor
steel probe Ø 39,5
  The stainless steel probe LMK 382H has been designed for continous level measurement in waste water, waste and higher viscosity mediums.
  Basic element is a robust and high overpressure capable capacitive ceramic sensor e.g. for low levels.
Features nominal pressure range 0 … 60 cmH2O up to 0 … 200 mH2O
  accuracy: 0.1 % FSO
  diameter 39.5 mm
  HART®-communication (setting of offset, span and damping)
  permissible temperatures up to 85 °C
  high overpressure capability
  high long term stability
Optional Features IS-version
Ex ia = intrinsically safe for gas and dust
  mounting with stainless steel pipe
  flange version
  diaphragm pure ceramic (99,9 % AI2O3)
  accessoires e.g. assembling and probe flange, mounting clamp