LMK 307T

LMK 307T ceramic sensor (flush)
level and temperature transmitter Ø 26,5
  BD|SENSORS has developed the stainless steel submersible probe LMK 307T with flush mounted ceramic sensor for continuous level and temperature measurement in water or waste water applications.
  The advantage: simultaneous recording of level and temperature with separate independent signal amplification. The maintenance and wiring costs are considerably reduced.
  In addition to classical signal processing of the level, an additional signal circuit independent of the level which converts the temperature signal into a 4 … 20 mA analogue signal in 2-wire technology is provided.
Features nominal pressure: from 0 … 4 mH2O up to 0 … 250 mH2O
  nominal temperature from 0 … 30 °C up to 0 … 70 °C
  accuracy: 0,5 % FSO
  diameter 26,5 mm
  separate output signals for pressure and temperture ranges
  excellent accuracy
  easy handling
  low maintenance and wiring costs
Optional Features different kinds of cables
  different kinds of seal materials
customer specific versions