CIT 700/750 multichannel process display 144 x 144 mm with datalogger, contacts and analog outputs
Datalogger data acquisition of up to 60 channels
2 configurable sample rates (max. 10 Hz)
extensive triggering functions
internal memory 1.5 GB
data transfer via USB memory stick or Ethernet
Functionality up to 90 channels for in- / outputs
35 mathematical / logical functions
8 integrated PID-controllers with autotuning
8 time- / event-driven profiles
touchscreen- and remote-controlling
multilevel access system
webserver incl. HTML5 widgets
e-mail function
Display graphic TFT-display, touchscreen
Product characteristics front panel housing 96 x 96 / 144 x 144mm
graphic TFT monitor, touchscreen
3 slots for 40 different input- / output modules
RS 485 (Modbus RTU)
RS 232
Ethernet (Modbus TCP)
transducer power supply 24 VDC