High Temperature Miniature Connectors 1000°F (540°C)

รายละเอียด The ASTM E 230 color-coded bodies of these high temperature ceramic connectors are practical for temperatures up to 1000°F (540°C). Colors are permanent and will not fade even after exposure to temperature. The positive-locking screw type terminals are captive for easy assembly. Hollow plug pins and collet inserts are made of thermocouple alloys (except Type R/S which is compensated).Calibration must be specified when ordering. Both plug and jack are marked for polarity and standard 7⁄16 inch pin spacing.
Watlow’s standard line of connectors are lightweight, rugged and accurate and feature a clamping mechanism that is unique in the industry. This easy-to-use clamping connection will replace traditional screw and wire wrap. This device allows a straight-in application, which squeezes the wire and forms a tight connection assuring a clean, strong signal. Watlow offers several varieties of thermocouple connectors and systems including: standard thermocouple connectors, quick-attach thermocouple, connectors, high temperature connectors, three-pole connectors for RTD applications and miniature thermocouple connectors.
Features & Benefits ASTM color coded ensures easy identification
Compensated alloys provides accuracy in readings
Glass-filled thermoplastic provides high impact strength
Captive cap screws ensures a secure connection
Meets requirements for ASTM E1129 ensures adequate pin spacing, dimensions and contact resistance