WA 132 / WA 133 (M)

รายละเอียด Ultra-Resistant Retractable Fittings
Facts and Features Extremely high chemical resistance
All process-wetted parts made of PTFE:
– anti-adhesive
– good resistance to hot water
– FDA compliant
Fully modular concept
Immersion tube and calibration chamber easily replaceable
PTFE calibration chamber in stainless steel frame, preventing cold flow and wear
Cyclone rinsing – effective sensor cleaning
Operation with PG 13.5 sensors or liquid-filled sensors
Operation with Unical 9000/Uniclean 900
Pneumatic or manual operation
Optimal operation with lined fittings
The Versions Pneumatic versions for connection to the fully automatic Unical 9000 system or to controllers of other manufacturers are available. In addition, a manual version is offered. Two different immersion depths allow universal use. Different process adaptations are available, including customized versions suitable for PFA-lined sight glass fittings.
Universal and Modular Sensors with PG 13.5 connector thread with a length of 225 mm or liquidfilled sensors with a length of 250 mm can be used. The modular design enables quick replacement of the PTFE immersion tube with a few simple steps. Thanks to the split calibration chamber, the gaskets can be easily replaced during maintenance, for example.