WA 131

รายละเอียด Hygienic, pneumatically operated retractable fitting for use with fully automatic Unical controllers.
Facts and Features compact, smooth, and dirt-resistant design
minimum maintenance costs and maximum flexibility thanks to completely modular design
very simple replacement of gaskets due to divided calibration/cleaning chamber
increased service life and reduced seal wear
ATEX approval II 1GD c II for the complete fitting
cost reduction by simple installation, operation, and maintenance
very high availability
protective rinsing of the seals for a long service life
SensoLock for high safety of operation
integrated check valves and limit switches
fast and uncomplicated replacement of calibration chamber and immersion tube
all maintenance can be performed on site
cyclone rinsing for optimum cleaning effect
superior sensor immersion depth
standard sensor length (225 mm) even for large immersion depths
multiple process connections available
flange version with scraper ring
modular design allows specific replacement of the process-wetted materials: PEEK, PVDF, PP, 1.4571, Hastelloy
plastic versions with high pressure and temperature resistance due to carbonfiber- reinforced plastics
special version for sensors with pressurizable liquid electrolyte
Variable and reasonably priced Based on the proven SensoGate modular design principle, the WA 131 retractable fitting is ideal for applications which do not require completely automated control with central media routing but which still want to make use of superior SensoGate technology.
SensoGate WA 131 is ideal for automatic or semi-automatic connections to commercially available or customerdeveloped control units.