WA 130 H

Detail Hygienic, pneumatically operated retractable fitting for use with fully automatic Unical controllers.
Facts and Features steam-sterilizability validated for all process-wetted parts incl. rinsing/calibration chamber
  compact, smooth, and dirt-resistant design with interior media routing and integrated limit-position mechanism
  directed flow rinses the process seal from the process side as well as from the inside of the fitting
  perfect sensor cleaning effect by cyclone rinsing
  safe separation to the process during probe movement and prevention of re-contamination
  double gaskets with leakage bores prevent microbial contamination of the drive
  broad applications in hygienic conditions
  cost reduction by simple installation, operation, and maintenance
  very high availability
  protective rinsing of the seals for a long service life
  SensoLock for high safety of operation
  integrated check valves and limit switches
  fast and uncomplicated replacement of calibration chamber and immersion tube
  all maintenance can be performed on site
  superior sensor immersion depth
  standard sensor length (225 mm) even for large immersion depths
  multiple process connections available
  process-wetted parts: stainless steel 1.4404, electropolished
  modular design
  special version for sensors with pressurizable liquid electrolyte
  SIP and CIP capable in the process
  SIP and CIP of calibration chamber and media routing
Easy installation and clear hose connections SensoGate WA 130 H offers genuine Plug & Play: The central multiplug is simultaneously linked via a single connection to all rinsing, cleaning, and calibration media as well as the control air and limit-position mechanisms.
  With the complete interior media routing and the multiplug, the connection is just as safe as it is convenient. Media entrainment is minimized and the limitposition mechanism is reliably protected.