WA 125

Detail Stainless-steel ball-valve fitting with integrated 2-electrode sensor for conductivity measurement
Facts large measuring range from 10 nS/cm to 1000 μS/cm
  integrated temperature detector
  retractable fitting with robust ball valve
  long insertion length of the sensor in the process
  safe and easy handling
  maintenance, cleaning, and replacement of the sensor during the running process
  sensor movement up to process pressures of 6 bars possible
  safe sensor locking in process position with bayonet locking mechanism
  high level of process safety due to durable materials and robust design
  Robust retractable fitting with ball valve. The coaxial conductivity sensor integrated in the immersion tube has a large measuring range from ultrapure water to 1000 μS/cm. After retraction of the immersion tube, the sensor can be serviced, cleaned, or replaced during the running process. The outer electrode is replaceable. A temperature detector is integrated in the sensor for exact temperature compensation.
Applications Boiler feed water, feed water, boiler water, cooling water, pure water, condenser monitoring