ARI 106 (H)

รายละเอียด Inexpensive and robust inline fitting for 12-mm sensors, for chemical processes and hygienic applications
Facts and Features adaptable to individual process conditions
modular design
material: steel or highly resistant plastic
suitable for chemical process media
suitable for hygienic applications
CIP- and SIP-capable, autoclavable
for pH sensors with polymeric electrolyte
for pH sensors with pressurizable liquid electrolyte
for oxygen or conductivity sensors with Pg 13.5 connection, 120 mm length, and 12 mm diameter
integrated sensor protection
suitable for hazardous locations
The modular concept allows adaptation to virtually every process. Replacement of components or expansion is possible at any time.
Suitable for aggressive chemical processes as well as processes with hygienic requirements. pH sensors with polymeric electrolyte or with refillable, pressurizable electrolyte can be used. Also accepts conductivity and oxygen sensors with 12 mm diameter. For operation in hazardous locations.
Applications pH, conductivity, or oxygen measurement in chemical processes, in the pharmaceutical or food industry and in biotechnology