ARD 170

Detail Submersible Fitting
  Submersible fitting with sinker for field measurement with Memosens sensors.
Facts and Features Submersible fitting with sinker
  Ideal for field measurements with Memosens sensors and Portavo
  Integrated probe guard
  Easy to use
  For Memosens sensors with Ø 12 mm, length 120 mm
  Materials: PP-H or PP electrically conductive
  Cable length: 3 m, 5 m or 10 m
  Cable design also with ATEX certificate
  Connection: to Portavo via M12 connector or to transmitter with ferrules
  The ARD 170 submersible fitting allows a Memosens sensor to be safely inserted into liquid media. It can be used in tanks, boilers, or basins, as well as open channels with flow.
  The fitting is suitable for Memosens sensors with a body diameter of 12 mm and a length of 120 mm. In conjunction with a portable meter with Memosens technology (such as the Portavo), the fitting is ideal for field measurement. Thanks to the use of conductive fitting material, ARD 170 can also be used in hazardous locations.
Applications Water, wastewater, industrial water, chemicals