รายละเอียด Fully automatic retractable fitting with high immersion depth up to 2000 mm.
Facts Immersion depths of 600 to 2000 mm
Immersion tube diameter only 65 mm
Simple sensor replacement, even for 2000 mm immersion depth
Sensors: 225 mm long with solid electrolyte (gel, paste, polymer, etc.)
2 independent barriers with cavity rinsing
Long immersion fitting for use in tanks, basins and conduits. For operation with electrochemical sensors with diameters of 12 mm.
Applications Highly corrosive processes (chlorine production, phosgenation) processes with depositing, abrasive, and encrusting solid fractions: flue gas desulphurization, gas scrubber, sugar production (1st + 2nd carbonylation), dye and pigment synthesis, special crust-forming industrial wastewater pulp, fiber-containing media (pulp, cosmetics, food) organic and sticky residues (refinery wash water, starch production).