Ceramat WA 150 / WA 153

รายละเอียด Pneumatic sensor lock-gate with application-specific process adaptation. Available in carbon-fiber-reinforced PVDF and PEEK (WA 150), stainless steel, titanium and Hastelloy (WA 153).
Facts Virtually wear-resistant
Plug & Play thanks to central multiplug
Easy maintenance under process conditions
Cyclone rinsing for optimum cleaning effect
Superior sensor immersion depth
Standard sensor length (225 mm)
For challenging process conditions and applications
Applications The WA 150/153 is particularly suitable for highly corrosive processes (chlorine production, phosgenation) and for processes with depositing, abrasive and incrusting solids. Other fields of application are flue gas desulfurization, gas scrubbers, sugar production, dyes and pigment synthesis, special incrusting industrial wastewaters.